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Wilhelm Bruckisch, 1802-1877

Wilhelm Bruckisch, 1802-1877

Wilhelm Bruckisch founded the Silesian Beekeepers’ Society in 1845 and worked closely with Pastor Dzierzon, considered the bee master of Europe. Answering Lindheimer’s plea, Bruckisch arrived in New Braunfels in 1853 with Italian black bees. The bees performed the job of pollination so well that early settlers were soon able to harvest larger and more abundant crops. Bruckisch published six editions of Bienenbuch (Bee Book). His work “Bee Culture” was reported in “Annual Report for 1860 (Agriculture)” of the U.S. Commissioner on Patents. Bruckisch was the first person in Texas to become interested in commercial possibilities of bees and introduced the box hive with removable frames.

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