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Early New Braunfels

Early New Braunfels

New Braunfels was originally planned as a way station to the Adelsverein’s primary property of the Fisher-Miller Land Grant north of Fredericksburg. As difficulties mounted, many immigrants decided to make New Braunfels their home. Town lots had been platted by Nicolaus Zink, the Adelsverein’s engineer. Each head of a family was to receive a half-acre town lot and a 10-acre farm. The town was laid out with the main street (Seguin Street) running parallel to the Comal River. This arrangement allowed easy access to water. Located on especially arable land on the higher side of the Comal River, Lindheimer’s botanical garden was in a particularly desirable spot.

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  • Fey, Everett A.: New Braunfels: The First Founders, Eakin Press, 1994

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