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Neu-Braunfelser Zeitung

Neu-Braunfelser Zeitung

Neu-Braunfelser Zeitung was one of the earliest German-language newspapers in Texas. This forerunner of today’s New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung began weekly bilingual publication in 1852 with Ferdinand Lindheimer as editor & publisher. Through his newspaper, Lindheimer had a great impact on people in the community, teaching them democracy & how to think for themselves. His editorial voice was critical during the Civil War as he used his paper to challenge the new citizens about freedom and what it really meant. Were these German immigrants to support slavery, a practice in their new country but not in their native land? Were they to simply “blend-in”? These challenging questions proved so unpopular that locals threw his printing press into the Comal River. Lindheimer retrieved the press and continued work.

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  • Fey, Everett A.: New Braunfels: The First Founders, Eakin Press, 1994

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