Archives Use Policies

The Sophienburg Museum prides itself on thorough research of all archival requests. However, such research takes time and tenacity. Additionally, many of our records are hard copies in the original German, requiring translation and the help of our dedicated volunteers to unravel the answers you’re seeking. We appreciate your understanding and ask that you allow ample time for us to research and respond to your request for information.

We ask your help in preserving The Sophienburg Archives and Museum collections for future generations by observing the following policies:

  1. The Archives and adjacent microfilm area are reserved for users of Sophienburg materials.
  2. Please register at the front desk. You are required to leave your driver’s license.
  3. You may bring a pencil, notebook and/or laptop computer into the Archives.
  4. NO food, drink, tobacco, alcohol or firearms in the building.
  5. Lockers and a coat rack are provided for all personal belongings. Pens, coats, purses, backpacks, fanny packs, briefcases, laptop cases and cellular phones are not permitted in the Reading Room or when using Sophienburg microfilms. If your belongings do not fit in locker, please place them in your car.
  6. Duplication of materials by use of personal copiers, scanners, cameras and recorders is not permitted.
  7. Non-Sophienburg books needed for research are allowed in the Reading Room on a limited basis; they must be checked in and out with the Staff.
  8. Sophienburg materials may be used in the Reading Room only. See the retrieval and duplication policies below for further information.

Retrieval Process

  1. The Sophienburg materials are housed in closed stacks and must be requested for use in the Reading Room. Please allow adequate time for materials to be retrieved and examined. No materials will be retrieved during the 30 minutes prior to closing.
  2. A separate paging request form is required for all materials:
    • For books, periodicals, microforms, videos and similar items, four titles may be retrieved at one time through the information desk.
    • For archival collections, see the staff for archival request forms and inventories. Up to two boxes may be retrieved at one time, however, only one container may be used at a time.
  3. Please return all materials to the information desk when finished.

Duplication Policies

Patrons may request photocopies or other duplicates of materials. Some items cannot be copied due to fragile condition or other restrictions. Copy requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The patron is responsible for complying with all copyright laws and restrictions.

  1. Books and periodicals in good condition may be copied, one item at a time, by a staff member.
  2. Archival materials (manuscripts, photo archives, maps and or architectural drawings, artwork, video and audio materials) are copied by staff only. Please ask the staff member for duplication forms and instructions for marking materials. Prices, processes and turn-around times differ according to the type of material.
  3. Permission to examine archival materials is not an authorization to publish them. Permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder.
  4. All archival materials used in publishing must be properly cited and credited to The Sophienburg in the following format:
    • Description and date of item
    • Box and/or folder or item number
    • Name and number of the collection
    • The Sophienburg Museum and Archives.

If you have any questions about the Sophienburg policies or usage procedures, please ask the staff on duty.

Photograph Uses and Fees

Photograph Use Fees
Type of Use Personal Commercial
Book / Non-Periodical Publication
Text use (within publication) $50.00
Cover, poster, catalog, calendar and similar use $100.00
Periodical Publications
Text use (within publication) $60.00
Cover, brochure and similar use $100.00
Media / Online Publication / Exhibition
Display, filmstrip, motion picture, video $120.00
Internet and similar electronic distribution $200.00
Re-use Fees
Same use: ½ fee quoted above
Different use: Standard fee quoted above

All prices subject to change without notice.


  • Personal Use: The image(s) will be used only in a private home, not public display.
  • Commercial Use: The image(s) will be published, displayed, or broadcast.
  • Research: Hours spent to locate specific images or negatives from the collection.
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