Memories of Easter

Reflections: 569
Recorded: 14 September 1989
Transcript: Audio Clip — 40:48-41:35

Subject: Easter 

Interviewer: Herb Skoog

Guests: Wallie Gerlich Mund, Madelyn Gerlich Harris

Madelyn: And I remember at Easter time my father used to take me out and we’d go pick bluebonnets. And the Easter nests around our house on Seguin Street were always made out of bluebonnets. That’s one thing I really… was big excitement.

Herb: Did you make the little nests so that the Easter Bunny would come and put your eggs in, and so forth?

Madelyn: Yes!

Wallie: But I got live things. I got ducks and chickens. And it was real fun because it wasn’t far to Mr. Schaeferkoeter’s store down on Seguin Street to go buy more feed. That was another excuse to walk to town.

Herb: How long do those little live things last, though?

Wallie: I was such a loving person, Herb, they’d last until they grew up.

Herb: You didn’t cook them.

Wallie: They never did show up on the table.

Herb: You didn’t have the heart for that?

Wallie: No, no.

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