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The Comal County Genealogy Society houses its entire research collection at the Sophienburg Museum and Archives. The reading room allows public access to these records.

Family Histories
FH # SURNAME Title Ref No
A-08 AHRENS Descendents of Heinrich Conrad Ahrens GS0134
A-01 ALTGELT Reminiscence of Altgelt Family R0021.003
A-02 ALTWEIN Desc of Johann Gotthult Altwein & Wilhelmine Quant R0773.001
A-03 ALVES Friedrich Alves Family History R0338.001
A-04 ARMKE Friedrich Armke Family Journal R0624.001
A-05 ARNING Christian Arning & Wilhwlmine Bosse Descendants GS0686
A-06 ARTZT Genealogy & History of the Artzt Family R0193.001
B-11 BADING The World Book of Badings 14.1570.002
B-19 BADING Bading and DuMenil Families 14.1570.001
B-01 BAETGE The Baetge Family R0575.003
B-05 BAIRD A Baird Family in America GS0291
B-02 BARKLEY The Barkley Brigade R0996
B-03 BARTOSKEWITZ Descendants of Johann Bartoskewitz & Marie Fries R0773.002
B-04 BARTOSKEWITZ The Children of Johann Bartoskewitz & Marie Fries R0995
B-30 BAUER The Families of Bauer and Jentsch R0167
B-06 BECKER Peter Becker Family CCGS
B-07 BECKER The Adam Becker Family R0737.007
B-39 BECKER Peter Becker Legacy (2 copies) GS1268
B-08 BENFER The Benfer Family Journal R1028.001
B-38 BENKE Genealogical Information on the Benke Family R1337
B-09 BENNER Benner Roots & Branches R0100.063
B-10 BENOIT Joseph Benoit & Frederick Wilhelm Wiemann Fam R0180
B-41 BERRY John Berry and His Children by Pope 0609.01
B-12 BESELER The Beseler Family of Texas R0861.001
B-13 BIEGERT Biegert - Eisenhauer Family R0100.098
B-14 BIELSTEIN The Bielstein Family R0411.01
B-16 BLUMBERG Carl F. & Catherine Blumberg R0100.006
B-15 BOEER The Boeer Family from 1799 to 1994 GS0380
B-18 BOENIG Otto & Emily Specht Boenig and Their Families R0635.001
B-40 BOHN Bohn Family - "Of This I Sing" 10.001.003
B-31 BONAPARTE Napoleon Bonaparte GS0612
B-36 BONN Ancestors of Harry Adolph Bonn GS0105
B-17 BORCHERS Charles Henry Barcher's (Borcher's) Family Journal R0944.001
B-22 BOSE The von Bose Family R0167.001
B-20 BRAEUTIGAM Hist of Johann Wolfgang Braeutigam & Christine Kensing R1027
B-21 BRAUNE Family Tree of Carl Braune & Emma Wittenborn R0726.003
B-23 BRAUNE The Braune Family - Four Brothers R0726.006
B-33A BREMER The Bremers & Their Kin in Germany & in Texas Soph
B-33B BREMER The Bremers & Their Kin in Germany & in Texas Soph
B-24A BRIEGER The Breiger Family (1995) R1083.001
B-24B BRIEGER A Compilation of the Brieger Family History (1994) R1083.000
B-25 BRIETZKE Brietzke / Bretzke Descendants in Texas 077.013
B-26 BRIETZKE August Friedrich Christian Brietzke Family R0539.002
B-35 BROWN Ancestors of William Herbert Brown GS0106
B-37 BROWN Coming Home to Colony - Jenkins & Brown SO1286
B-27 BRUEMMER The Bruemmer Family History R0100.145
B-34 BUCHNER Descendants of Martin Buchner GS0107
B-29 BUSCH Busch-Gass-Rittimann-Weil Families GS0293
B-32 BUSCH Descendants of Jost (Jocelyn) Busch R0773.004
B-28 BUVINGHAUSEN Portrait of Two Soldiers of Muertemburg R1026.001
C-07B CAMPOS Campos - Chapa - Olvera 12.1442.001
C-01 CARTER The Carter-Davidson History R0100
C-02 CARTER The Carter-Davidson History R0100.123
C-03 CARTER The Carter-Davidson History R0100.089
C-04 CARTER The Carter-Davidson History R0100
C-06 CASTRO The Castro Family History of the Lipan Apache Band R1167.001
C-07A CHAPA Campos - Chapa - Olvera 12.1442.001
C-09 CLOUDT History of the Cloudt Family 14.1614.001
C-08 COLLINGE The Tale of Two Worlds 13.1583.000
C-05 CORETH Ernst Coreth Family R0508.001
D-01 DAUER The J. Christian Dauer Family R0910.001
D-21 DAUER The Carl Dauer Family R1213.001
D-22 DAVENPORT Davenport, Geier, Schmid Families GS
D-23 DECKERT Benedict & Theresa (Scherrer) Deckert R1115.002
D-02 DEKUNDER Dekunder, Schulmeier, Ackermann, Coker, Hatch & Gann R0904.001
D-27 DELGADO Delgado - West End and Baseball Park 11.1455.001
D-03 DEUTSCH Clara Deutsch's Autograph Album and Family Photographs R0697
D-04 DEVILBISS Devilbiss (John Wesley) R0894.001
D-05 DIERKS Dietrich Hinrich Christoph Dierks Family History R0730.008
D-17 DIETEL German Families in Texas: Dietel, Pape, Baus, & Roeper R0500.001
D-06 DIETERT Andreas & Friedericke (Behrendt) Dietert R0726.007
D-07 DIETERT Xavier and Sophie Dietert Family R1095.001
D-25 DIETERT Dietert, Voss, Rabe Families R0739
D-28 DIETERT Frederick Xavier & Elizabeth Sophie Dietert ( A, B, C) 13.1537.001
D-08 DODSON Genealogy of the Dodson, Lucas, Pyles, Rochester Fam R0748.001
D-15 DOEPPENSCHMIDT Doeppenschmidt, Elbel and Becker Family R1121.001
D-09 DOERR Our Family Doerr R1053.001
D-10 DOLLE Family of Heinrich Christian Ernt Dolle & Sophie Mueller R1013.001
D-26 DONEGAN A Donagan Family History 1372
D-11 DORROW Genealogy of the Dorrow and Voges Families - Bandera R1067.001
D-12 DORROW Dorrow (Dorow) Family R0989.001
D-13 DOUAI Autobiography of Dr. Carl Daniel Adolf Douai R0007.01
D-24 DOWNING The World Book of Downings GS0740
D-14 DREIBRODT Christian Andreas Dreibrodt & Christiana Mari Vogt R0726.017
D-29 DREIBRODT Dreibrodt Family History 12.0726.001
D-18 DUDERSTADT The Duderstadts (booklet filed with FH D-20) GS0589
D-20 DUDERSTADT The Duderstadts R0894.003
D-16 DUELM Descendants of Friedrich Duelm & Dorothea Holzhausen GS0114
D-19 DUMENIL du Menil de Rochemont Family of France, Germany, etc R0952.001
E-20 EBERLY Eberlys and Martins in Texas R0100
E-01 EGGELING The Julius Eggeling Family GS521-0125
E-18 EICKENROHT Eickenroht, Friedrich & Augusta Mueller (see Vert File) GS0816
E-02 EISENHAUER The Texas Eisenhauers and Their Origins in Germany GS0324
E-03 ELLEY Gustav Elley R0621.001
E-04 ELMENDORF Elmendorf and Related Families R0331.001
E-15 EMISSON The Emisson Families Supplement (1962) R0748.003
E-16 EMISSON The Emisson Families Revised R0748.002
E-17 EMISSON The Emisson Families Final Supplement (1969) R0748.001
E-05 ENGEL Rev August Engel Family History R0209.021
E-06 ENGELKE The Ferdinand Engelke Family GS0559
E-07 ERBEN Conrad Erben - A Fictionized Memoir R0100.064
E-08 ERBEN Conrad Erben & Margaretha Balmert (plus 2nd Edition) R0694.001
E-19 ERCK The Erck Family R1246.001
E-09 ERNST Johann Peter and Katherine (Schmidt) Ernst R0894.004
E-14 ERNST Friedrich Ernst of Industry GS0120
E-10 ERSKINE Andrew Nelson Erskine R0100.065
E-11 ERVENDBERG Ervenberg Family R0476.001
E-12 ERXLEBEN Erxleben, the Name, the Place, and a Family R0726.016
E-23 ERXLEBEN Erxleben Family History 12.0726.002
E-22 ESQUIVEL Francisco Esquivel Family 13.1502.001
E-13 EWALD Johann & Caroline (Krause) Ewald Family R0726.009
E-21 EWALD The Ewald Brothers of Zennern 06.1509.01
F-01 FAIRCHILD The Early Fairchilds in America R0915.001
F-21 FAIRCHILD The Famoly of Daniel Fairchild, Sr. R0915.002
F-03 FAUST The Faust Family History R0737.02
F-04 FEHLIS Wilhelm Fehlis Family R0602.001
F-02 FENSKE The Fenske Family History R0556.013
F-05 FEY The Fey Family 1587 - 1989 R0941.001
F-12 FEY Descendants of Johannes Fey unknown
F-19 FICKE Stories of the Ficke Family R0726.019
F-23 FINK The Fink, Voelcker, and Klappenbach Families R0828.001
F-06 FISCHER Family of Heinrich Fischer and Caroline Droege R0706.001
F-07 FISCHER History od Fischer, Texas and the Fischer Family R0863.001
F-08 FISCHER Gottlob and Christiana Fischer (Gottlob & Traugott) R0916.001
F-24 FISCHER Fischer - Klinger - Salinger Familes - DVD R1338
F-26 FISCHER The Fischer Family - Summer 2000 GS1100
F-09 FLACH On the Flach Family Trail R0737.003
F-27 FLACH Flach Family Trail GS1264
F-10 FLUSCHE It Came as a Vision R0100.085
F-16 FOELLER Nikolaus Foeller (Feller) GS0104
F-11 FORSHAGE Descendants of Christian Heinrich Forshage R0910.002
F-13 FRANKE The Inheritance R0540.001
F-14 FRANTZEN Frantzen - Erasmus & Johanna R1051.001
F-22 FRANZEN Descendants of Erasmus Frantzen GS1001
F-15 FREITAG Descendants od Ferdinand Freitag & Caroline Schwanz R0773.023
F-16 FRIESENHAHN Anton Friesenhahn Family R0594.001
F-18 FRIESENHAHN Anton Friesenhahn Family R0914.001
F-20 FROELICH Descendants of Johann Philip Froelich 1792 - 1994 R0773.00
F-25 FRYE Frye and Rabe Family R1318.000
G-21 GALLOWAY Galloway Family R0100.368
G-23 GAMBREL An Ancestral History - 8 B.C. to 1986 A.D. 0100.187
G-08 GARVENS Garvens Family History (Vol 1 thru 4) GS0123
G-06 GEIER Geier and Schmidt Farms in Selma, Texas 1854 - 1894 R183.002
G-01 GERHARD Gerhard (Gerhart) and Schneider 1854 R0972.001
G-02 GIESECKE Giesecke Family History 1580 - 1993 (in two books) R1142.002
G-03 GIESECKE George Christian Fried. Giesecke & Ernestine Stahrenberg R0100.068
G-17 GIESECKE Ad. Giesecke 1846 R0769.001
G-04 GILLESPIE The Gillespie Family R0496.02
G-20 GLENEWINKEL Through the Years - Henry & Olga Mehlitz Glenewinkel R1284.000
G-05 GOEBEL Descendants of Heinrich Goebel and Sophia Pfeil GS0733
G-22 GOERTH Goerth - Memoriea of a Texas Grandmother 0100
G-07 GOMBERT Justus Gombert and Anna Bickel Family R0759.001
G-14 GOTTHARDT Johann Christian Gotthardt & Anna Elizabetha Müller 1233.008
G-16 GOTTHARDT A Biographical Sketch of Gustav Gotthardt R1130.001
G-18 GREEBON Wilhelm Greebon and Caroline Sattler GS0781
G-19 GREIFENSTEIN Wilhelm Greifenstein R1217.001
G-09 GRONAU Bells, Geese and Guns by Joachim Gronau R0944.001
G-10 GROSS The Story of the Gross Family from Nassau-Oranischen GS0956
G-10 GROSS The Story of the Gross Family from Nassau-Oranischen R0778.001
G-11 GRUENE Gruene History R0664.003
G-12 GRUSENDORF Our Family History - Vol IV - Grusendorf R0867.002
G-12 GRUSENDORF Our Family History - Vol IV - Grusendorf (w/supplement) R0867.003
G-13 GRUSSENDORF Grussendorf and Hartung Families R0867.001
G-15 GUENTHER Descendants of Jacg Guenther and Sophie Hoessel R0773.007
H-01 HAAG The Haag Brothers - Friedrich, Peter, & Maqthias R0911.001
H-02 HABERMANN Habermann Family Reunion (2 Books A and B) R0928.001
H-28 HABERMANN Habermann GS0803
H-32 HABERMANN Habermann Family Reunion (Book C) 07.1626.001
H-03A HAECKER Friedrich and Maria (Brinkmann) Haecker Family R0726.008
H-03B HAECKER Descendants of Friedrich Johann Haecker GS0777
H-29 HAECKER Descendants of Karl Johann "Charles" Haecker GS0778
H-30 HAECKER Descendants of Henry (Heinrich) Haecker GS0779
H-39 HAECKER Haecker & Rosebrock (by Hyatt & Scales) GS117
H-31 HAIRSTON The Hairstons - An American Family in Black and White GS0962
H-04 HALLER The Haller Haus R1111.001
H-38 HANDER Hander Family - They Chose Texas 100.002
H-05 HANKS Genealogy of the Hanks and Allied Families R0748.002
H-06 HANZ Family History of Christian and Christine Hanz & Desc R0889.001
H-07 HARBORTH Descendants of Wilhelm Harborth & Caroline Basse R1145.001
H-08 HARTUNG Johann Christian Hartung 0399.001
H-09 HEHMSOTH Autobiography by Carl Hehmsoth R0461.001
H-26 HEIL One "Heil" of a Family R0100.073
H-11 HEILIG Julius Ferdinand Heilig Family R0737.007
H-12 HEIMANN John Wilhelm and Marie (Bonn) Heimann R0111.001
H-37 HEIMER The Michael Heimer Family R1228.002
H-13 HEINEMANN Heinemann & Brockmann Family R0826.001
H-14 HEINEMANN Descendants of Valentine Heinemann R1142.001
H-15 HEITKAMP Friedrich Heitkamp Family R0710.001
H-10 HELMKE Helmke, Andreas GS0449
H-16 HELMKE Family History of Helmke - Helmcken GS1009
H-17 HEMME Ancestors & Desc of Hugo J Hemme and Lydia Barsch R1180.001
H-18 HENCY Hency GS0708
H-19 HERBORT Heinrich Herbort R0100.08
H-27 HITZFELDER Ancestors of Leonard Hitzfelder and Marie Barbara Denzer R1131.001
H-34 HITZFELDER Family History of Leonard Hitzfelder & Marie B Denzer R1283.002
H-25 HOELSCHER Hoelscher Family of Texas GS0407
H-35 HOELSCHER Hoelscher Family of Texas - 1845 - 2003 R1050.001
H-23 HOKANSON Hokanson Family History R1036.001
H-36 HOLLIS The Hollies - A Hollis Family History R0184.000
H-20 HOLZMANN Descendents of Jakob Holzmann & Katherine Reinhard R1073
H-21 HOMANN The Homann Family History R0100.099
H-22 HOUSTON The Houston Family R0100.087
H-40 HUBERTUS Hubertus - Johannes, Wilhelm, and Peter (Compact Disc) 10.1397.001
H-33 HUEBNER A & B & C - Huebner Saga 1 & 2 & 3 GS0102
H-24 HUTZLER Hutzler, Adolf and Zinsmeyer, Hedwig GS0492
I-02 IMHOFF Imhoff Family History and Family Tree GS0165
I-01 ISENSEE The Isensee Family & Their Descendants 1799 - 2001 R0199P
J-05 JAUER Johann Carl Jauer and His Descendants R1256.001
J-01A JONAS Jonas Families - Vol 1 R0884.002
J-01B JONAS Jonas Families - Vol 2 R0884.002
J-01C JONAS Jonas Families - Vol 3 (Supplement) R0884.001
J-07 JONAS Jonas, Schorn, Reiley, Eckard, Families R0991.000
J-06 JOSTES Satmmbaum II - Josted Neumann Family Tree R1193.003
J-03A JUNG The Jung Connection - Vol 1 GS0581
J-03B JUNG The Jung Connection - Vol 2 GS0581
J-04 JUNG Descendant of Johann Martin Jung R1142.002
K-01 KABELMACHER Johann Heinrich Martin Babelmacher 1002.001
K-02 KAPPMEYER Family Genealogy of the Kappmeyer Family 874.001
K-28 KEMPNER Kempner Family, "Oleanderr Odyssy" GS0890
K-03 KERN A Kern Genealogy: Desc of Martin and Rahel Waibel Kern 946.001
K-32 KETTNER Die Ketner Briefe 1343.000
K-16 KLAPPENBACH Klappenbach and Mittmann Family 1023
K-05 KLATT Desc of Gottlich Klatt and Henriette Dreiss/Driess 773.008
K-35 KLEIN Stephan Klein & Sons - Joseph & Jacob 0440
K-04 KNEUPPER The Kneupper Family (by Bernard Kneupper) 613.002
K-14 KNEUPPER Peter & Peter Kneupper (Private - may not be in archives)  
K-31 KNEUPPER Johann Adam Kneupper 0100
K-06 KNIBBE Dietrich Knibbe Family History 1115.001
K-07 KOCH Christian Koch and Friedricke Koepsel 726.002
K-08 KOCH Gottlieb Koch 856.001
K-34 KOCH Fritz and Mina (Voges) Koch 1228.04
K-09 KOEHLER Family Of Heinrich Friedrich Koehler 737.004
K-10 KOEPP Koep Family Descendants That Settled in Central Texas GS0421
K-11 KOHLENBERG Friedrich Kohlenberg and Wilhelmina Rakemann Family 809.001
K-12 KORN Kernals of Korn 609.001
K-30 KOSSAETH F. C. A. Kossaeth & Pauline Knaufft (1848 - 2002) 1283
K-13 KOTT Kott - Profile of a Family 111.002
K-37 KRACKAU Johann Christian Karckau 1523.001
K-38 KRACKAU Krackau, Hummel, Wagner, Eberhardt 1523.002
K-19 KRAFT Desc of Johannes Kraft and Alma C. Schuhl 1717 - 1994 0773-R
K-18 KRAMM Kramm Family History 710.002
K-15 KRAUSE Krause-Jonas Family Tree 100.095
K-20 KRAUSE Krause Family from Western Comal County at Anhalt GS0657
K-21 KRAUSE Krause - Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Divorce 1976 GS0417
K-25 KRAUSE Shipwreck to Settlement: Krause - a Wendish Heritage 0737.005
K-27 KREISCHE The Life Story of the Kroesche Family GS0427
K-17 KRETZMEIER Kretzmeier in Germany and Texas GS0115
K-22A KRETZMEIER Kretzmeier Family History & Family Register 0605.001
K-22B KRETZMEIER Kretzmeier Family History & Family Register  
K-23 KROESCHE Kroesche Family - Our Roots 1033.001
K-33 KRUEGER Andrew & Auguste Krueger GS0338
K-36 KRUEGER Martin and Bernardine (Wolter) Krueger 0135
K-39 KRUEGER Max A. & Emilie (Bergener) Krueger Family 13.0664.128
K-24A KRUGER Karl and Fredericka (Diekow) Kruger Family History 0556.011
K-24B KRUGER Karl and Fredericka (Diekow) Kruger Family History 0556011
K-26 KRUSE Kruse Family History 0737.006
K-29 KUEHLER William Gerald Kuehler (1882 - 1947) GS0194
L-13 LANDA Landa Family Articles no #
L-01 LANGBEIN Andreas Conrad Langbein Family 0798.002
L-02 LAUBACH Family History - Laubach, Offer, Kneupper, Gleitz (Feb 1980) 0966.001
L-14 LAUBACH Descendants of Simon Laubach and Dora Scheel 1224.001
L-15 LAUBACH Caroline Laubach and Jurgen Lange 1245.001
L-03 LEESCH Desc of Johann Fredrich Tobias Leesch & Sophie Frede Tode GS0656
L-18 LENERT The Lenert Family 1346
L-04 LENZ Lenz Descendants That Settled in Texas 0773.010
L-05 LINNARTZ Linnartz Family 0737.010
L-16 LINNARTZ Linnartz - Life Streams 1231
L-06 LOCKSTEDT The Friedrich Lockstdt Family in Texas - The First Century 0653.001
L-20 LOEFFLER Laura Louise Loeffler Kuehler (1889 - 1966) GS0195
L-07 LOWE /LOEP Lowe / Loep Families 0952.001
L-17 LUCKENBACH Descendants of Johann Sebastian Luckenbach no #
L-19 LUCKENBACH History of Eugene and Lina Luckenbach GS0110
L-08 LUDWIG Joseph Ludwig 0997.013
L-21 LUDWIG Benjamin Ludwig Family 1228.03
L-09 LUEDERS John and Sophie (Linnartz) Lueders Family 0287.001
L-10 LUERSON Juergen Luerson Family (includes 0953.002) 0953.001
L-12 LUND Otto - Experiences of Otto Henry Lund 1144.001
L-11 LUNTZEL Luntzel Family History 0860.002
M-01 MacNAUL The MacNaul / McNaul Family GS0560
M-21 MAGNUS Johannes Magnus and Katherine Wetz GS0782
M-26 MAGNUS Johannes Peter Magnus & Katherine Wetz GS1185
M-22 MARBACH The Marbach Family 1201.001
M-02 MARTENS The Martens Family Tree 0538.001
M-03 MATTKE Descendants of Carl Wilhelm & Emilie (Muenchow) Mattke 0773.011
M-04 MATZKE Family History Matzke - Heinrich - Richter - Schappen 0816.001
M-05 MAURER Maurer Family History 0726.004
M-06 MECKEL Meckel Family History 0717.001
M-25 MEEK Meek and Irle GS1178
M-07 MEIER Meier, Johann Henrich Andres 0797.001
M-08 MEINRATH Johann Meinrath Family 1179.001
M-09 MERTZ The William Mertz Family from Germany to Texas GS0411
M-27A METTER Metter Family History - Part 1 10.1421.001
M-27B METTER Metter Family History - Part 2 10.1421.002
M-27C METTER Metter Family History - Part 3 10.1421.003
M-27D METTER Metter Family History - Part 4 10.1421.004
M-24 METZGER Frederick Metzger GS0109
M-10 MEUSEBACH John O. Meusebach (available by appointment - Alton Rahe) GS0629
M-28 MEYER Meyer, Conrad, Rose Family 13.1523.003
M-11 MITTENDORF Heunich Ludwig Mittendorf Family 0613.003
M-12 MOCKRY Resczynski Connections Mockery Genealogy 0697.002
M-13 MOCZYGEMBA The Reverend Leopold Moczygemba, Partriarch of Polonia 0100.091
M-14A MOELLER The Johann Georg Moeller Family (Volume 1) 0832.002
M-14B MOELLER The Johann Georg Moeller Family (Volume 2) 0832.002
M-23 MOELLER Family History of Johann George Moeller 1210.001
M-15 MOLLENHAUER History of the Gotfried Mollenhauer Family 0807.001
M-16 MOLZ / MOLTZ Anton Molz (Moltz) Family 0737.014
M-17 MOOS Kasper Joseph Moos Family 1124.001
M-18 MUELLER Johannes and Elizabeth (Stendebach) Mueller Family 0832.001
M-19 MUELLER Fam Hist - Mueller, Daum, Klaerner, Waldschmidt, ……. 0575.002
M-20A MULLER-MARQ The Muller - Marquardt - Perner History 1139.001
M-20B MULLER-MARQ The Muller - Marquardt - Perner History 1139.001
M-20C MULLER-MARQ The Muller - Marquardt - Perner History GS0819
N-01 NEEB Ludwig Heinrich Neeb Family 0914.002
N-03 NEUHOFF Neuhoff Family of Illinois 1107.002
N-02 NEUMANN Descendants of August Fred. & Caroline (Papstein) Neumann 0773.012
N-12 NEUMANN Neumann - Schmidt Genealogy 1059.001
N-04 NEUSE The Johann Heinrich Neuse Family 0737.015
N-05 NEUSE Neuse - Thormeyer - Lockstedt - Schubert Families 0907.001
N-11 NIX From Europe to Texas - A Pictorial Family Odyssey 1368
N-06 NOHL Diary of Friedrich Nohl - 1848 0326.01
N-10 NOVIAN Nobeljahn-Novian GS0111
N-07 NOWOTNY A Biography of George E. Nowotny 0907.001
N-08 NOWOTNY Descendants of Wencelaus and Agnes (Solek) Nowotny 0620001
O-10 OEHLER The Oehler Family GS0338
O-01 OELKERS Johann Heinrich Oelkers Family 0613.004
O-02 OFFER History of the Offer Family 0542.001
O-11 OFFER History of the Offer Family 12.1482.001
O-03 OFFERMAN Offerman Family History 0559.001
O-05 OLFERS John B. Olfers Family GS0399
C-07 OLVERA Hispanic Families - Campos, Chapa, Olvera 12.1442.001
O-06 ONDERDONK Gilbert Onderdonk GS0457
O-07 ORTIZ The Ortiz Family of Phoebe Elizabeth Jesse 1107.005
O-04 OTTO Otto's Ottine and Allied Famies 0811.00
O-08 OTTO Ludwig Fritz Otto 0811.001
O-09 OTTO Descendants of Adolph Aug Louis & Thersia (Metzler) Otto 1337.00
P-24 PAGE The Page Family GS0326
P-19 PANTERMUEHL Pantermuehl, Kruse, Heise Family Tree 1244.001
P-01 PAPE Pape Family History 0737.024
P-02 PAWLIK Descendants of Frank Pawlik 1851 - 1922 GS0482
P-22 PEHL Descendants of Peter Paehl GS0113
P-05 PENSHORN Penshorn - Prinzhorn Family History - 1939 Soph
P-03 PETERS Der Peters Family (BB) and Supplement (RF) 1111.002
P-26 PETRI The Johann Petri Family 12.1460.001
P-20 PFANNSTIEL Justus David Pfannstiel GS0856
P-04 PFEIFFER Pfeiffer - Schmidt Family 0100.010
P-06 PFEIL Pfeil Family 0943.001
P-07 PFEUFFER Johann George Pfeuffer 0997.001
P-08 PFLUGER History of the Pfuger Family 1908 - 194 GS0424
P-09 PFLUGER Pfuger History GS0425
P-25 PFLUGER Pfluger Family History 2010 10.1403.001
P-10 PIEPER Bio Sketch: Revised Handbook of Texas:Anton Pieper 0543.001
P-11 PIEPER Zur Ertinnerung: The Family of Anton & Johanna Pieper 0543.002
P-12 PLOTZ The Plotz (Ploetz) Family 0952.002
P-13 POERNER The Poerner Conections GS0421
P-14 POLK The Changing Times: The Story of the Franz Polk Family GS0667
P-15 POSEY The Posey Family in America 0748.004
P-16 PREISS The Preiss Family 0737.016
P-17 PRESSLER The Adventures of Charles Pressler 100.0101
P-18 PREUSS John Preuss 1833 - 1946 0100.067
P-21 PROBST The Probst Family of Mason County GS0914
R-01 RAHE The Herman Rahe Family 0737.017
R-17 RALEY James Raley 1209
R-16 RANDOW History of Christian & Dorothea Randow 13.1570.001
R-02 RANZAU The Ludwig Ranzau Family GS0303
R-19 REEH Christian Reeh Family 1336.000.000
R-18 REILEY Christian Reiley (Reile) GS0783
R-24 REILEY Reiley Family Legacy GS1187
R-03 REINARZ Reinarz Family Genealogy 0783.001
R-15 REINARZ Descendants of Jakabus Reinarz 1197.001
R-04 REINHARD Descendants of Johann Reinhard & Katherine Weisbaker 0773
R-05A REININGER Family of Albert Chas Reininger & Minna Joh Kretzschmar 0595.001
R-05B REININGER Family of Albert Chas Reininger & Minna Joh Kretzschmar 0595.001
R-05C REININGER Family of Albert Reininger & Minna Kretzschmar- 2 CDs 0595.002/3
R-06 REININGER Johann (John) Reininger Family 0914.003
R-07 REMMLER Remmler Family History 0389.001
R-25 RETZLOFF Descendants of Mr. Retzloff 07.1626.002
R-08 RHEINLANDER Rheinlander Family History & Family Register 0100.0102
R-09 ROEGE Desc of Cord Heinrich Roege & Margarethe Breums Gesche 0773.013
R-10 ROHDE Family History of Gottfried & Eduard Rohde 1824 - 1870 0272.001
R-11A ROSE Rose Family 1857 - 1973 (Jacob & Fritz Rose) 0807.02
R-11B ROSE Rose Family 1722 - 2000 (Jacob & Fritz Rose) 1216.001
R-13 ROSE Rose Family 1722 - 2000 (Jacob & Fritz Rose) 13.1579.002
R-20 ROSENBERG The Rosenberg Family of Texas 1379.000.000
R-21 ROSENBERG The Rosenberg Family of Texas - Volume 2 1379.000.001
R-22 ROSENBERG The Rosenberg Family of Texas - Volume 3 1379.00.002
R-12 ROSENTHAL Christian Rosenthal Family 0737.018
R-23 RUNGE The Runge Chronicle - A German Saga of Success 019.013.000
R-14 RUST Remnants of the Past: Dorene Borchert & Raymond Rust GS0716
S-01 SACHERER Gabriel Sacherer and Hartmann Family 0691.001
S-78 SACHTLEBEN Scchtleben Family Life 1352
S-80 SAENZ Saenz-Duarte Family Tree 1455
S-72 SAHM Ann Caroline Sahm 1863 - 1949 GS0196
S-82 SALGE History of the Salge Family 14.1605.001
S-61 SAMES Wilhelm Carl Sames 1790 - 1990 1210.002
S-79 SCHAEFER-STEIN Schaefer-Stein Family History (Volumes A, B, & C) GS1233
S-02 SCHEEL Bernard Joseph Scheel Family 0819.001
S-03 SCHEEL Scheel Family History 0819.002
S-71 SCHEEL Bernard Joseph Scheel - His Family 1605 - 2005 GS0188
S-75 SCHEEL Bernard Joseph Scheel - His Family 1605 - 2005 R0819
S-04 SCHEELE Vergangenheit eine Zukunft geben 13.0814.004
S-65 SCHEELE Portrait eine Kaufmannsfamilie aus dem Oldenburger . . . 13.0819.005
S-05 SCHIEVELBEIN Wilhelm Carl Schievelbein & Siegfried Schievelbein GS0637
S-06 SCHIMMELPFENNIG Schimmelpfennig Family History 0831.001
S-10 SCHLATHER John Adam & Sophie (Eickmann) Schlather 1228.001
S-07 SCHLEICHER Descendants of August & Johanna (Timmermann) Schleicher 0773.022
S-08 SCHLICHTING Schlichtings and Schmucks of Comal & Guadalupe Cos, TX 0749.001
S-09 SCHLIESING Carl & Johannette Schliesing - Ancestors & 1st Gen Desc 0100.122
S-60 SCHMALKOKE Schmalkoke, Mittendorf, Pape, Meyer, Ludwig, and Rahe GS0605
S-11A SCHNABEL Schnabel Family History 0945.001
S-11B SCHNABEL Schnabel Family History (1994) 0945.002
S-12 SCHNEIDER Anton and Johanne Schneider Family 1195.001
S-13 SCHNEIDER Descendants of Balthasar Schneider & Theodore Schneider 1110.000
S-77 SCHNEIDER Schneider, Jean 1340
S-14 SCHOLL Scholl Family History 0737.012
S-15 SCHOLZ Genealogy Report on the Scholz Family no number
S-20 SCHOLZ August Friedrich Schil & His Descendants in America 1174
S-16 SCHORN Ludwig Schorn Family 0991.001
S-17 SCHRAUB Phillip Jacob Schraub Genealogy and Family History 1163.001
S-81 SCHROEDER The William L Schroder Sr Family 1436
S-18 SCHROERLUKE Family History - Reverend Orrin Phillip Schroerluke 0100.061
S-19 SCHUBERT Eveltn Myrtis Menfre Schubert - A Genealogical Report 0653.004
S-21 SCHUBERT G-Grandmother Johanna Marie Martha Spieker Schubert 0653.003
S-23 SCHUBERT Willie Schubert & Charlotte Thormeyer Schubert - Their … 0853.005
S-24 SCHUENEMANN Descendants of Heinrich Schuenemann & Wilhelmine Sorge 0774.014
S-25 SCHUETZE Family History of Heinrich Schuetze & Louise Seelmann 0766.001
S-76 SCHULLE A Schulle Story: Destination America 1344
S-26 SCHULMEIER Verandschaft die Schulmeier Verbindung 0100.106
S-70 SCHULT Desc of Joachim Schulot & Karoline Bugenhagen 1259
S-27 SCHULTZE Descendants of Georg Heinrich Schulgtze 1740 - 1994 0773.018
S-29 SCHULZ Heinrich Wilhelm - Henry C. & Augusta K. Schulz GS0127
S-28 SCHULZE Ferdinand F. & Eleanore Schulze & Descendants GS0642
S-30 SCHULZE Johann Heinrich Schulze Family 0773.024
S-63 SCHULZE Johann Heinrich Schulze Family 0773.024
S-64 SCHUMACHER Desc of Heinrich Konrad Schumacher GS0783
S-31 SCHUMANN The Schumanns - Heinrich to David Clinton Schumann Crane 1066.001
S-32 SCHUMANN Johann Schumann & Desc & Stephan Klein & Ann M. Hoffman 0176.002
S-33 SCHUMANN Schumann - Renzlau Families 0986.001
S-69 SCHUMANN Desc of August Wilhelm Schumann GS0155
S-22A SCHWAB The Schwab Family 1650 - 1992 0813.001
S-22B SCHWAB The Schwab Family 1650 - 2002 0813.002
S-34 SCHWARZLOSE The Schwarzlose Family 0737.019
S-35 SEEKATZ The Seekatz Family 0556.012
S-36 SEGNER Peter Segner 0100.107
S-66 SEILER Seiler Family History 0100.193
S-68 SEILER Desc of Johann Jakob Seiler GS0112
S-37 SIPPEL Valentine Sipple Family 0737.020
S-38 SKRZYCKI Joseph and Anastasia Strzycki Family 0726.010
S-39 SMITH Be They Remembered - The Ancestry of Craig Woods Smith 1014.001
S-40A SOEFJE Heinrich Soefje Family 1846 - 1982 0537.001
S-40B SOEFJE Soefje Family 1846 - 1993 09.1373.001
S-73 SONNENSCHEIM Gertrude Hulda Sonnenschein 1854 - 1951 GS0197
S-41 SPANGENBERG Spangenberg 0701.001
S-42 SPANNUTH The Spannuth-Klinger-Fischer Family History 1845 - 1875 1139.002
S-43 SPIESS Speiss Family History (Collection) 0263.001
S-67 SPORNHAUER Desc of Johannes Spornhauer GS0108
S-44 STAATS Genealogy of the Staats Family 0821.001
S-45 STAATS Desc of Casper Staats & Anna Sophia Waelert 1910 - 1994 0546.001
S-46 STAATS Desc of Joh Christian Staats & Anna Cath Marg Mathias 0773.015
S-47 STABENOW Desc of Friedrich W Stabenow & Mathilda Meier/Meyer 1883 0773.016
S-48 STAPPER Stapper - Pfeil Family Reunion od September 25, 1999 GS0713
S-49 STARKE Starke Family History 0737.021
S-74 STARTZ Johann Startz 1798 - 1857 GS0198
S-50 STAUTZENBERGER Stautzenberger 0471.035
S-51 STAUTZENBERGER The John Phillip Stautzenberger Family & Dietz Community 0471.036
S-52 STEIN Von Stein Family History 0375.001
S-53 STEUBING The Henry Steubing Family GS0420
S-54 STEUBING The Steubing Connection (Three Volumes: A, B, C) GS0734
S-55 STOLL History of Andreas Stoll & His Desc - Switzerland to America GS0673
S-62 STOLTE Christian Stolte & Frederike Johnna Schroeder GS0780
S-56 STOLTJE History of the Stoltje Family 1082.002
S-57 STORCH The Johann George & Eva Katherine Storch Family 0800
S-58 STREY The Desc of Johann F Strey and Johann Schultz 0773.017
S-59 STRUVE The Struve Family In Europe and in Texas GS323
T-01 TAUSCH Tausch Family Tree 0775
T-02 TAUSCH Johann Friedrich Tausch Family 0775.002
T-03 TAUSCH Family History of Johann Friedrich Tausch & Anna Kreitz 0775.003
T-10 TELTSCHIK Chronic Der Familie Teltschik 11.1474.001
T-09 TIETZE Friedrich Wilhelm Tietze & Eleanor Albrecht Family 1199.001
T-04 TIMMERMANN The Seven Timmermann Sisters 0859.003
T-05 TIMMERMANN Timmermanns Since the Civil War 0202.001
T-06 TOEPPERWEIN Toepperwein 0123.004
T-07 TSCHOEPE German Immigrants - Rudolf and Augusta Tschoepe 0187.001
T-08 TSCHOEPE Edward and Augusta (Willman) Tschoepe 0187.002
U-05 UECKER Heinrich Uecker GS0862
U-01 UHR Uhr Family 1085.001
U-04 ULBRICHT The Ulbrichts in Texas 1198
U-02 ULIT Ulit Family History 1161.001
U-03 ULIT Wilhelm Heinrich Christian Ulit 0926.001
V-10 VEIT Ancestral History of Doris Ann Veit 1209.001
V-14 VILLARREAL Villarreal Family History 12.1546.001
V-01 VOGEL Desc of Anton Vogel and Rosa Scheuring 0001.014
V-02 VOGEL Obituaries of the Vogel Family V-02
V-13 VOGEL Vogel Family History 0214.001
V-03 VOGES The History od the Henry Voges Family 0982.001
V-04 VOGES The Amazing Storyt of the Voges Family in America 0100.109
V-12 VOGES Desc of August Voges and Clara (Vogt) Voges 0901.001
V-05 VOIGT The Adam Gottfried Voigt Family 0100.112
V-06 VOIGT The Carl Voigt Family 0792.001
V-07 VOIGT Desc of Johann Andreas Heinrich Voigt GS0381
V-08 VORDENBAUM Desc of Herman Vordenbaum GS0644
V-09 VOSS Voss Family History 0961.001
V-11 VOSS Albert Gustav Voss and Families "Dietert" GS0818
W-01 WAGNER Desc of Carl Wagner & Christine Isreal 1880 - 1994 0773.021
W-27 WAGNER German Pioneers - Wagners in Texas GS1107
W-25 WAHL Wahl. Magnus, Koepp Families 1353
W-02 WAHNSCHOFFE Wahnschoffe-Thiele Family History 0174.001
W-03 WALLHOEFER The Wallhoefer Family 0716.001
W-30 WARD Yhe New World of Wards 1118.001
W-24 WARNCKE Warncke Family History 1335
W-04 WATSON Watson Family Research GS0762
W-05 WATSON History of the Watson Family - Irish Immigrants to May…. GS0157
W-06 WEIDNER The Weidner Family 0414.001
W-07 WEISSER Hermann Fredrich Theodor Weisser 0620.002
W-28 WELTNER Heinrich Weltner - Graphite Pencil Craftsman 10.1388.001
W-08 WENZEL Ignaz Wenzel 0594.002
W-09 WERSTERFER Joseph an Anna Wersterfer Family 0795.001
W-23 WESCH Heinrich (Henry) Wesch GS0784
W-26 WESCH Wesch Legacy GS1186
W-10 WEYEL Desc of Johann Jost Weyel - 1968 edition 0273.001
W-11 WEYEL Desc of Johann Jost Weyel - 1993 edition 0510.001
W-29 WEYEL Weyel Brothers 11.1474.002
W-12 WIEDENFELD Wilhelm Wiedenfeld Family 0857.001
W-13 WILLMANN The Willmanns in America 0008.074
W-14 WILLMANN Hill Country Folk: The Willmanns - Nies - Knoll Family 0100.110
W-15 WINKLER History of Charles A Winkler Family 0100.108
W-16 WOHLFAHRT Wohlfahrt Family Tree GS0182
W-17 WOHLFAHRT Stalwart Women (Wohlfahrt) 0785.001
W-18 WRAGE The Wrage, Starke, Gunn Family 0764.001
W-21 WUPERMANN Dairy of Elise Tips Wuppermann - 1850 - 1860 (in English) 0203.002
W-20 WUPPERMAN Dairy of Elise Tips Wuppermann - 1850 - 1860 (in German) 0203.002
W-22 WURZBACH Wurzbach's Memoirs GS0302
W-19 WYMANS The Wymans of Vermilion County, Illinois 0915.003
Z-01 ZILLMANN Zillmann Family 0273.020
Z-02A ZIPP Johann Jacob Zipp Family - Part 1 GS0635
Z-02B ZIPP Johann Jacob Zipp Family - Part 2 GS0635
Z-03 ZUEHL The Carl C and Marie (Wrede) Zuehl Desc 0871.001
Z-04 ZUEHL The Zuehl Family 0591
Z-09 ZUEHL The Zuehl Family (in rare books) 13.1558.001
Z-05 ZUNKER Zunker GS0655
Z-06 ZUNKER Carl Fritz Zunker Family GS0416
Z-07 ZUSCHLAG Zuschlag 1060.001
Z-08 ZWAHR The Zwahr Family 0837
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