Photo Caption: 1881 Birdseye View of New Braunfels showing the fields behind the Catholic Church and between Landa Industries' 3-story limestone building and the railroad tracks where the metal objects were found. The last little house on the left on Landa Street is the Meriwether Home.

History is everywhere

By Keva Hoffmann Boardman — This past March I was in Macedonia, Greece with my eldest daughter. No matter where we walked the ground was literally littered with history — bits of marble, colored tesserae from mosaics, tiny pieces of bronze and always, always pieces of pottery. History was everywhere.

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“Sprechen Sie Sausage and history?”

By Myra Lee Adams Goff “Sprechen Sie sausage?” I love it! It’s this year’s Wurstfest advertising gimmick. I want to add another expression for those of you that are so inclined: “Sprechen Sie history?” Well, maybe not, but if you are interested, read on. A good way to find out

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The dark history of Meriwether’s millrace

By Myra Lee Adams Goff What I knew about William Hunter Meriwether could be summed up as “That American from Virginia who had slaves dig the canal next to Landa Park Drive.” That’s changing, thanks to Joy Alexander who has been doing an extensive study of Meriwether. Alexander first became

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