Photo Caption: Valley Fruit Stand, 666 S. Seguin Ave., 1951.

History mystery: South Seguin Avenue, Part II

By Tara V. Kohlenberg — Part I of the history of 650 and 666 South Seguin Avenue properties was a story of immigrants who worked hard and expanded their family holdings. Now, on to Part II. Ysmael Zamora Isasi and Otila Martinez, fled the atrocities of the Mexican Revolution with

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New Braunfels Coffee Company popular until 1950

By Myra Lee Adams Goff The Zuehl Family Book at the Sophienburg contains a rather well-known story to local historians. It was written by Wilhelm Zuehl when he was in his 70s as he recalled coming to Texas with his family as an 18-year-old in 1846. His family was on

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